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Top Benefits of Becoming a Pilot Car Driver

Thinking about becoming a pilot car driver? Here are a few of the top reasons our drivers love their jobs. 

1. Work where you want, when you want

Pilot Car drivers love creating their own schedule and the flexibility the job provides them. You can travel across the United States or stay local to your region. Pilot Car Loads’ job board ensures our drivers are able to easily find new jobs that fit their schedule. Become a Pro Member to get these opportunities right to your phone! 

2. Certification is easy! 

While state requirements vary, training to become a pilot car driver is quick and efficient, meaning you’ll be prepared and securing jobs in no time! There are several training programs and schools to check out if you are looking for help in getting started. 

3. Control your earnings

Pilot Car drivers are compensated based on how often they drive and the length of their trips. Trips with more mileage can result in hefty payouts! Pilot Car Loads’ job board helps you receive alerts to pick up the best jobs. This puts you in the driver's seat- there is no limit on the amount you can earn.

These are only a few of the many reasons to learn more about becoming a pilot car driver. It is a growing profession with demand from several important industries. 

What are your favorite parts about being a pilot truck driver?