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Pilot Car Driver - Basic


Basic features at no cost.

  • Access the dashboard

  • Create a directory profile

  • NO Load Alerts

  • ONLY View Recent Loads

Pilot Car Driver - Premium

$25 $15 /mo

Premium features at a great price.

  • UNLIMITED Access to the load board

  • UNLIMITED Text Load Alerts

  • UNLIMITED Email Load Alerts

  • PREMIUM Badge in Directory

Load Managers - Post loads for free

Special offers available
Trucking companies and brokers can post unlimited loads for free.

Frequently asked questions

Is a credit card required to sign up?

No, when signing up for a "Driver / Escort" account for the first time you will be placed into a free trial of premium features. After your trial is over you can choose to enter a credit card to continue getting premium features. A "Load Manager" account is always free and does not require a credit card to sign up.

What are load alerts?

Load alerts are targeted notifications that can be delivered to your phone via text or email. Alerts can be created based on many criteria (e.g. Only get texts alerts for high pole jobs in Texas).

How do I see the load board?

When signing up choose the "Driver / Escort" account, you'll be taken right to the load board. This is the only type of account that can see the load board.

Do you have an app for iPhone or Android?

Yes! All the same great functionality of Pilot Car Loads is available on the go. You can check out the Apple App Store for our iPhone and iPad app and Google Play for the Android app.

Does Pilot Car Loads operate in Canada?

No, Pilot Car Loads is open to any individual or company in the United States. Load Posts are currently only allowed for valid US cities and towns. But we plan to open up to Canada soon.

Can I sign up as both a "Driver / Escort" and "Load Manager"?

Yes, but there is only one email address allowed per account type. If you wish to sign up for both a "Driver / Escort" account and a "Load Manager" account you must use 2 different email addresses.

How does the free trial work?

Once you sign up as a "Driver/Escort", you'll automatically be placed into the free trial of the "Driver Premium" account. This gives you full access to all the features of Pilot Car Loads for the trial period. There is no credit card required. Once your trial period is over, you will have the choice to enter a credit card and start your regular subscription to continue to use the premium features.

How do I post a load?

When signing up choose the "Load Manager" account you'll be taken to your dashboard to post a load. This is the only type of account that can post loads.

Where can I submit feedback or a feature request?

Email us at or chat with us using the chat button at the bottom left!

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